Heir of David’s House

Since the first days of Christianity, there has been pressure on Christians to soften the edges of their beliefs, to censor themselves to appease the surrounding culture. 

Early Hebrew Christians suffered persecution from both their fellow Jews and from Rome, whose imperial religion allowed its subjects to keep their gods and their beliefs so long as they made no claims of supremacy.

In this week’s message from Pastor Raley, Christ’s claim to the throne of David confronts imperial religion and puts people, then and now, in a place of decision.

Heir of the Enchanted House

In our enchanted universe, things are happening all around us, things that we can’t see, things that aren’t just physical.

The belief that the world is full of spiritual energy is growing and permeating our culture. We are captivated by the enchanted world around us.

But a world fascinated with spirits and the occult is also a world of fear. How can you really know what spirits you are dealing with?

The book of Hebrews takes this issue very seriously.

God’s Ultimate Message

Our popular cultural beliefs – Buddhism, stoicism, and scientific materialism –  put us in the driver’s seat. According to them, our universe is silent and unresponsive. It is up to us to make up our own truth and meaning in life.

This week we ask: do any of our  popular philosophies describe, as the Bible does, a person at the heart of the universe who decides to save people? Do any other beliefs or religions even promise to save anyone?

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