Your Labor Is Not in Vain

The Corinthian church has every kind of spiritual problem. They are divided over personalities, morally compromised, poisoned by a sense of superiority, confused about the Holy Spirit, and tolerating false teaching about the resurrection.

With such huge problems, you might expect Paul to decommission the church until it got its act together. In this week’s message we will see why that was not a consideration for Corinth and it’s not an option for us.

Looking Ahead to the Victory

In Lystra, the Apostle Paul was dragged out of the city, stoned, and left for dead. Regaining consciousness, he brushed himself off and went right back into the city. This is behavior of a man with a firm conviction of the future God has planned for him.

Our hopes for the future are what spur us on in our present. In today’s message, Pastor Raley shows us that what we believe about Christ’s bodily resurrection and final triumph over sin and death affects the kind of Christian lives we live today.


Eternal Life Is Physical Life

Sunday, February 7, 2016

The Bible paints a different picture of eternal life than the one we are used to. We picture heaven as a wispy place of clouds and disembodied spirits. But the bodily resurrection of Christ reveals a physical continuity between this life and the life to come, between this world and the next. In this week’s message we will see how physical life matters to God and what the resurrection means to us.

The Gospel and Your Motivations

Our passions are our engines. Fueled by our beliefs, they keep us going in life. In this week’s message, we will be asking what it is like to live a life driven not by idle opinions but by a passion for the true and living God.

Beliefs That Hold Together

Are you making up your beliefs as you go along, relying on feelings and intuition to guide you into truth and to evaluate what you are told?

Intuition is valuable, but only if it is informed by truth. It’s time to reason through our beliefs in the light of Scripture and see if they really hold together.

Applying the Gospel

What happens when we try to build our Christian lives using the world’s floor plan, when we try to be Christians without fully believing Christianity?  In this week’s message we will look at the devastating emotional impact of removing just one key aspect of the gospel message, the resurrection.

What Is the Gospel?

More and more people are experiencing the futility of trying to maintain a spiritual life through a series of breakthrough experiences. As the high of one experience fades, they find themselves desperate for more, spending their energies moving from one spiritual experience to the next, but finding no lasting nourishment for the soul.

In today’s message we will see that the only way to escape the futility of this emotional roller coaster is for the heart to be fueled by the truth of Jesus Christ.


The Gospel in Principles

Our emotional lives are the product of what we believe to be true, and there is no emotional problem that is not in some way related to what we believe about God.
In this week’s message we will examine how our beliefs inform our reactions to what is going on in our lives and ultimately how they impact our decisions.

The Challenges of Submission, Part 2

Last week, we saw that spiritually gifted people are called to submit to each other. The challenge of teaching mutual submission is that, in our culture, we equate submission with inferiority. To submit to someone is to degrade yourself. Biblically, submission implies nothing of the kind. Submission, we will see in today’s message, is part of any honorable role.

The Challenges of Submission, Part 1

Healthy spirituality, we have seen, can only grow in community with others. The community God calls for requires submission to each other. The concept of submitting to other people is unacceptable in our culture. In today’s message we ask why submission is necessary, and how can we do it safely.


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